up next......who the bleep knows... 


The FUTURE.....2020 will be recorded as the year that really accelerated the presence of the ARTS in the digital world and catapulted it into THE FUTURE.... its time for @shangrilaglasto’s #LostHorizonFest.  

Catch Jimbitch B2B Dj Resist on the NOMAD stage 21.00-23.00 on Friday 3rd JULY.

Raising money for 
@The Big Issue & Amnesty International UK 

Explore the festival via PC, VR or mobile or stream it live via @Beatport & @Twitch. www.losthorizonfestival.com

Glastonbury 2020

The Common Glastonbury Livestream 2020 - what an EPIC weekend .

 Dj's, Live acts, talks and live VJ'ing, there was a whole heap of stuff to get into. In keeping with tradition. there were some Banging sets from some absolute LEGENDS of the scene..We especially loved all of them, and to have so many legends play was amazing...OH MY GOSH...Absolute class...Check out The Common Youtube channel and facebook page for all sets played over the weekend.

Not that we're still sad...but we are....gutted to not be playing these gigs...but looking forward we have loads of positive energy for the future..every gig and every festival, every show and gathering is going to be so much sweeter and more appreciated.....

Our friends at Galang promotions are really nailing it at the moment, and their last instalment of rave goodness was on point- brilliant vibes great cause huge fun- BIG UPS....

Refugee Community Kitchen is an ongoing inspiration of compassion and humility, and extremely worthy of our support- vibes were heavy with Voltage turning it up to fever pitch....shouts to all who came and supported




RSR returned to Boomtown with special guest sound systems Total Resistance, & Blacktraxxx. Totals is having a rejuvenation with the original rig being dusted off and treated to some TLC and is now hitting a whole new generation on ravers and travellers and free thinkers across Europe. Teaming up with Blacktraxxx, a new Italian crew who have been taking their funky tech house sound to dancefloors and communities across Europe. From Sardinia to Lisbon and up to Brittany, both rigs are out there living the free party life and keeping it real. They come to the Uk for the first time, Totals for over 20 years, and Blacktraxxx for the first time ever. This sent the Vibeometer not just off the chart and into space, but right out the fucking solar system...




POST EVENT - Wow- that was some ride....Hats off to the Shindig crew and family, what an absolute Belter....Massive respect to Club Momo, Kaotik Kartel, Born on Road, Rocket Bar and Shindig and all the other crews and people that helped cement Shindigs reputation as one of the UK's best small festivals.... Friday night WENT OFF......cannot wait for next year!!!

PRE EVENT - Proud to be playing in The Rocket Lounge as part of a night in remembrance of Seth, Rocket Warrior. If you dont know Shindig Festival you need to self flagellate yourself in shame. Its one of the best small Uk festivals with a proper line up and family vibe. The full UNCMN family will be there in effect.



The Renegade Street Rave has achieved mythical status in its short life. Its the rave that you go to if you're in the know, at the best festival in the Uk. All the crew are there, as well as the real hardcore rave community.Representing Sound System and Protest Culture, this loose collection of Ragamuffins, delinquents and renegades represents the vibing edge of the counter culture community thats made its life in and around the fringes of mainstream society, and especially in the fertile grounds of the free festival, free party, and mainstream festival environments. This is where where expression and honesty underpin some serious shape throwing and bass face pulling... Modern Shamanism is the beating heart of a movement that encapsulates everything positive about the human essence of the rave, traveller and free party and alternative communities

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Dj Resist sunrise set on the sunday morning was possibly the best moment of the whole year. Legendary is a word used often in the wrong context, and as an unjustified and overblown adjective. Not in the case of the Temple, an honest to god in our lifetime genuine LEGENDARY venue. And not only did Dj Resist play, and not only is he label boss of UNCOMMON RECORDS, but hes one of the original COMMON crew who have develpoed the whole field, and he has been part of the core crew who have designed and developed the Temple over the years, and he programnms it as well.....VIBES...



Epic night  in London at Folklore in Hackney...with the LEGENDARY RAY KEITH. The second instalment of the London vibes section of the project was a blast, totally vibed by the man himself...


UNCOMMON RECORDS TAKEOVER on Saturday night was an epic affair. A heavy weight warm up for the main event. the arena was going off



The festive period saw the crew smash the dance-floor at local gig Bristek. managing to scrape their heavy with cake and booze asses off the sofa and out to the club, the team represented hard and were proud to be part of such a killer line up.