An Ancient  Prophecy - music<>graphics<>words<>ideas - A long lost Tribal manuscript containing ancient knowledge on how to live as a human in harmony on the planet has been discovered deep in the Jungle. For the first time this explosive content on how to live as as A Commoner is being shared here. This project is part of a ritual to invoke change through music. This will culminate with the whole manuscript becoming available online, here, the week before next Glastonbury 2019, and will be the final phase of a year long ritual based on conjuring change through music.


The Uncommon ideas manuscript states that we have lost touch with our true selves, because the communication channels between us, the earth and the universe have been hijacked by the never ending noise of modern life.

Uncommon ideas will reveal, bit by bit, section by section, a way to live in harmony with ourselves and the planet. An attitude to life and approach to living does exist where harmony, respect, truth and trust underpin a culture that works together with itself, and all other entities around it, rather than in a state of perpetual meltdown, working against itself and its wider environment.

Music is such a powerful experience and art form that when linked with a message, images and ideas, it can become a nexus or fulcrum for a whole movement.

That's what UNCOMMON RECORDS is, a fulcrum for a wider movement, a network hub for a global community.  The Universe is made up of systems...mathematical systems, chemical systems, political systems, and sound systems......We believe that its up to each of us to choose a way that's right for us, not to be told which path to follow. We need to prepare ourselves if we're gonna make the next evolutionary step up and survive the inter-dimensional experiences that await us round the darwinian corner…

Motivate to Mutate