Uncommon records is  all these things : Record Label : Festival Community : Social Project : Positive Vibration. A new dimension to The Common, this is where sonic realities morph and a new audio awareness awakens. Uncommon Records focuses on Jungle, Reggae, Drum & Bass and dancehall roots, but is really a showcase for all the musical styles represented in the Rum Shack, The Temple and The Cave, the 3 main venues in the field. With an aim to showcase incoming and guest producers alongside homegrown crew, the Common factor with all of these is a shared understanding that the music and the message are inextricably linked, as is the experience and the understanding. We are an alternative community that believe that music can heal and shape and positively affect everybody., and that the time on the dancefloor is the best medicine.

The Crew

Resist / Ironzionryan

Label boss and co founder, Ryan has a long history of musical projects and events under his belt. He has been part of the core Common team from the beginning, and now focuses on the programming and musical side of the project. He has been the Musical Director and producer of Circolombia from its inception in 2009, creating sell out shows from Edinburgh to Broadway, as well as having a long history of producing and directing show music around the world.  He has been a dj and producer on the underground scene for over 20 years  and has been part of some of the most iconic travelling sound systems, and in his spare time he is also  Assistant Site Manager and Site Manager respectively for both Boomtown Fair & Arcadia Spectacular.


Label boss and co founder and a veteran of the underground scene, Jimbitch is a legendary dj and one of the scenes hottest up and coming producers 

Kerry Veitch

Kerry’s unwavering determination and excellent project management and organisational skills has seen her being involved in a number of innovation and interesting projects. From bringing music and aid to Bosnia at war during the 90’s, to co founding Bassline Circus, working with South Asian dance company Akademi Then producing The Common at Glastonbury Festival, as well as being the Festival Manager of Boomtown Fair….pheew!



Kerry is now refocusing her energy and has been training to be a Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner and energy healing therapist. She aims do start a new journey in healing, with maybe the odd event or two thrown in there!

Steve Bedlam

Co Founder of RCK, Co Producer ofThe Common, Original Bedlam sounds system head honcho, and all round living legend, Steve has been a driving force of positivity forever. His passion dedication integrity and humour have been an inspiration for everyone who's met him. And he's not a bd roots & Reggae dj either!

Mc Twista

One of the original free party and warehouse Mc's, Twista mixes raw energy with conscious lyrics to awaken ravers to the deeper rave


Original Exodus crew, tours with the Specials, Originuk resident, teacher, geezer and all round nice guy, Nick lives and breathes the vibes


Seen and heard all over London and the festival circuit, Ishu is a legend in the underground scene as an Orginal  MC 

Cereal Pervert

Max was an integral part of both Total Resistance and Sound Conspiracy Sound systems, two of Europe most influential Free Party Crews. Now  runs Galang promotions and is having a resurgence as a Ragga Jungle dj, 


Old school promoter and vinyl distributer with Base level music in London, Fred has now turned his hand to production and is one of the core uncommon produciton crew and resident dj's


 Ramona organises Club Momo, Legendary club and festival night . She is also an Amazing photgrapher,

Alex Rooflux

Original Drop in Caravan crew, Alex has been Vj'ing and creating artwork for dancefloors on the European scene since the mid 90's.

Jake Pond

Graphic designer extraordinaire and all round good guy, Jake has been representing sound systems, crews, posse's and everything in between since the heady days of the late 80's. Check his website











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