As darkness pulls her wintry hood up tighter, and shivers in the memory of a glorious summer past, the sun stills shines brightly over huge swathes of Mother Earth, oblivious the unfamiliar seasons unfolding elsewhere. The Uncommon records crew are deeply immersed in the Global RAVE MOVEMENT, the international movement of music and arts, shaking itself into life over and over again, in places all over the world. The birth of a movement is happening, and we'll be here. Whilst you may think that a record label is all about music, you'd be missing the part where its about the community, the movement of ideas, the gateway to other dimensions, the portal and vessel of change...we are dedicated to people, the open mindedness of art, and the freedom of expression that should be an inherent part of life, but which sadly isn't. The international movement of people, ideas, music and culture, or RAVE , as its commonly known, is where we live- just because we're not putting out tracks, or dj'ing in clubs or at parties, doesn't mean we're not fully immersed in the culture, the vibes, the energy and the motion that defines us, as Ravers.......this winter we're festival planners, networkers and event organisers....the music will follow.....we're realising just how many amazingly talented producers there are squirrelled away in all corners of the globe. Big up to all the hardcore massive out there representing yourselves, your communities, your arts form, and more importantly, humanity....cant wait to be smashing some dance floors with you somewhere soon...peace

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Uncommon Records is so much more than a record label... it's an attitude and a movement..... the tip of the iceberg,  a whisper of reality, a global family.... This website is a gateway to another world..........