music to isolate to - no. 1 & 2

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2020 has literally blown society into a dimension completely unexpected. We, like everyone, had been planning a path and trajectory thats now defunct, and we are adapting as quickly as we can to a new direction. 

                                                 Gutted that Boomtown, Glastonbury and EVERY OTHER FESTIVAL has cancelled,

Beyond bananas

Also, gutted for festivals across the country and the world, as our industry and the life blood for so many becomes decimated by the new laws and guidelines for public gatherings. 

In the meantime, along with everyone else, our word has gone digital- there are so many watch parties, zooms, hangouts and other digital social sharing platforms and apps its mental - we have the legendary Jim Bitch playing his Original.net show every Sunday 12-2pm which is also now streaming on facebook live.

We also have part of our extended family, GALANG PROMOTIONS streaming and playing online regularly, check them out for updates on upcoming shows.

We have also been busy working on a series of Mixtapes...theres nothing like music to keep everyone connected right!

Called music to Isolate to, its all emotion, vibe, groove and all the things we all need to survive intact over the next phase.

Breaks - reggae Hip hop old skool nd new skool, these are something to brighten the mood.

First links above..some feel good sunshine vibes to help  "Break the Isolation"

Big love...

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Uncommon Records is so much more than a record label... it's an attitude and a movement..... the tip of the iceberg,  a whisper of reality, a global family.... This website is a gateway to another world..........

New Video and track by JimBitch. This is one track off an album feat 20 tunes by various artists that will be out 5th JUNE at Midway Productions, ill post a link when its available. ALL FUNDS RAISED GO TO NHS CHARITIES so please lets all get behind this great cause........